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What is TRAZER

TRAZER UK is a holistic technology used to rehabilitate, prevent falls, and improve spot performance, providing you, your clinician, your physical therapist, or athletic trainer objective data to guide decisions on your health and performance over time. 

With the use of simulation and high-powered optics, TRAZER’s patented technology uniquely replicates field/life conditions, while objectively quantifying whole-body, dynamic Reaction Times. TRAZER overloads the brain with multiple demands, while simultaneously challenging the cardio respiratory and orthopedic systems – to both test and train the User’s  Acceleration (ability to start), Deceleration (ability to stop), Gait Speed, Vertical Leap, Heart Rate, and more. It is a true neuromechanical device that works to re-establish the links between the mind and the body.

TRAZER uniquely integrates vision, brain, and body as the User responds to random cues from the simulation, in multiple directions in free space – all while tracking 25 points of the body, measuring that which is invisible to the naked eye. 


TRAZER’s movement algorithms were developed by NASA particle physicists.
TRAZER data differentiates your practice and supports your decision-making through objective tracking and reporting. 

Because TRAZER UK is User-driven, it is appropriate for all ages and mobility levels. It offers phased rehabilitation programs for ankle, knee, hip, balance and vestibular that are scripted, with easy to understand instructions that range from immediately weight-bearing with very low amplitude movements to return-to-play for the most skilled professional athlete – and everything in between

TRAZER is evolving healthcare with applications in orthopedics, neuro, senior fall prevention, performance athletics, fitness, wellness, and so much more.

Freely Move

TRAZER requires zero wires or attachments, enabling the user to move freely in an open space.


TRAZER tracks 25 points on the body using cutting edge camera technology.


TRAZER’s interface naturally links vision, brains and body as the user plays through 150 scripted and customisable activities. 


TRAZER provides healthcare providers and coaches with accurate, objective, and actionable data to support rehabilitation and training decisions.

"I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology."
Steve Jobs


TRAZER drives elite athletes to excel through competition by tracking performance gains and losses. TRAZER data helps objectify your return from injury decision making by measuring visual, vestibular, cognitive, orthopedic, and cardio systems simultaneously with game-like challenges.


TRAZER is an essential component of creating healthier and happier lives for all populations, aged 5 to 105. TRAZER for Fitness + Wellness allows personal trainers to book more training sessions, retain more clients, and expand their fitness footprint.


TRAZER has six levels of specialized, interactive testing and rehabilitation for Concussion, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation with an extraordinarily low perceived exertion rate. Patients are engaged which leads to longer and harder work sessions, resulting in stronger recovery over a compressed time frame.


TRAZER reproduces the challenges a senior faces without the constraints or risk factors inherent in the real world. Unlike with a pre-planned test, with TRAZER UK, a senior’s reaction time and decision-making skills are tested with real-time reactive responses through interactive and random challenges with the main goal being to maintain functional independence.

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People of all ages experience confidence and growth when using the TRAZER platform.

Once you start an activity, a virtual avatar appears onscreen that mimics your own movements in real-time. During the activity, cues will appear onscreen that you will react and move to in free space with no connections on the body.

TRAZER UK hardware technology utilizes an advanced camera that tracks 25 points on your body as you move. TRAZER software objectively measures data on your movement like reaction time to visual cues, acceleration/deceleration, kinematic join angles, and more. After the activity, your data will appear onscreen.

TRAZER hardware and software track and process millions of data points in real-time to generate measurements used to evaluate your orthopedic and cognitive performance – in other words, how well your brain and body connect.

But the user experience is masterfully simple.

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The ability to measure how quickly an athlete can cognitively recognize a stimulus, then move into the right position, is key to assessing risk of injury and return after sports related concussion…or whether he has returned to bilateral function…(this technology) will be at the NFL combine and in every D1 athletic department for all sports within the next several years
Randy Cohen, DPT, PT, ATC
Associate Athletic Director for Medical Services University of Arizona
We are extremely excited about the multiple applications of TRAZER. Each program provides objective data that enables us to track an athlete's progress & improvement. It is like having a "scoreboard" for rehabilitation. The athletes can see their progress & compete against each other in sports specific drills & games. The athletes also see the value in TRAZER and ask specifically to use it. I have no doubt that it will have a positive impact on our performance
Jeff Allen
Director of Sports Medicine, Head Football Athletic Trainer, University of Alabama Football


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